Ciel Verttm 840


Ciel Vert 860 is a powerful controlled suds cleaner for cooked fat and highly greasy areas.


  • Highly alkaline product
  • Label : CORROSIVE
  • Comply with the legislation concerning the cleaning of food contact materials





  • 10% : Grease filters
  • 20% : Fryers, cooking material
  • 20% to 25% : Hoods, ovens, greasy walls
  • 50% : Pipes



Operating instructions



Security data sheet


Ciel Vert Senegal main philosophy is to offer environment friendly and respectful products. Its manager, Daniel Anastase, has always give priority to customer's respect and, off course, the environment.

Since the beginning, Ciel Vert Senegal has been specialized in industrial cleaning products and driven by two criterias : efficiency and respect of the environment.


Today, Ciel Vert Senegal shares its know-how with leading companies in their sector in West Africa. Ciel Vert Senegal and its partners value the principle that work site and respect for the work are intrinsic.







Ciel Vert Sénégal is a distributor à Aqua4D solutiions.